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Dynamic Positioning (DP)

With more than 45 years’ experience installing Dynamic Positioning and Vessel Control systems TEC Svcs offer a bespoke procurement, installation and commissioning solution worldwide, always ensuring that our clients’ needs remain at the forefront in terms of our professional advice, commitment to timescales and dedication to the client.

Our technicians ensure that any new Dynamic Positioning, Vessel Management or Thruster Control system is installed to the highest possible standards. 

A complete turnkey solution we find most clients want and by providing a package which includes design, supply, installation and commissioning and DP Proving trials, ensures that the project completes on time and on budget. Our service also extends to 24/7 response and maintenance call-out service worldwide.

Scope of Work
Project Design
Selection of suitable DP Supplier
Vessel Management Design
Procurement & Supply of Equipment
Installation & Commissioning of Equipment
24/7 Response & Ongoing Maintenance

Electrical Systems

Marine Electrical (MV, LV & VFD)
Many vessels are being built for Offshore operations are powered using diesel electric propulsion, there is a huge demand for sophisticated Medium Voltage (MV), Low Voltage (LV) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) switchgear solutions. Drawing on over 45 years’ experience, TEC Svcs is able to advise vessel owners on the most effective way to achieve the level of power generation required to meet their needs and to meet the latest ECO friendly solutions.

TEC Svcs engineeers and technicians will take your concept and turn it into reality. They will ensure that supplied equipment conforms to Class requirements and that full factory-acceptance trials (FAT’s), are completed both timely and accurately, ensuring reduced installation and commissioning time aboard the vessel.

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

Failure Mode & Effect Analysis
TEC Offshore Services offers Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). Our engineers will take the FMEA from an initial desk-top survey and provide a complete technical review of all on-board marine systems, including Dynamic Positioning systems. The FMEA will be brought to conclusion through Proving trials and sign off by the relevant Class Society.
All work is carried out to international class standards and within IMO and IMCA recommended guidelines.  

The FMEA process can also be used to determine the reliability and safety of other on-board systems such as diving support systems, shuttle-tanker loading and off-loading systems, drilling packages and crane operations.

Accommodation and Flotel Operations (Walk to Work/TLQ’s)

Our MD (David Kellas), was involved in one of the first flotel conversions of a PSV, taking the project from ‘Concept’ to completion in the space of 10 weeks, the PSV was converted from a standard DP2 PSV to a 450 bed DP2 accommodation flotel which operated in West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico for more than 2 years with less than 12 hours downtime during the two projects it was involved in.  

Since that project we have been involved in numerous Walk to Work projects providing suitable platforms bespoke to the clients needs.

If required we can design and build suitable Accommodation Modules (TLQs) and provide a ‘walk to work’ means of getting personnel from accommodation to their place of work – no matter how deep the surrounding water. Dynamically positioned host vessels with bespoke accommodation and support facilities offer workers convenient and comfortable living quarters.  

Every installation is different and requires expert advice and assistance. TEC Svcs will listen and understand the unique requirements of each installation and will provide the client with the right solution for their needs.

VSAT Communication and Bandwidth

With our industry business partners we are able to provide our clients Offshore and Marine communication networks and offer a wide range of services including satellite communications (VSAT) and broadband services. 

The VSAT Communication not only allows 24/7 voice communications but also supplies high speed data access. One application that this data transfer is extremely useful is allowing Vendors access to in built vibration sensors, temperature sensors (Thrusters, Engines, Pumps and various other equipment), with a view to allow them to “Condition Monitor” the installed equipment. This ensures the reliability of machinery and increases operational “Up Time”. Any degradation in equipment can be seen before the failure occurs and steps can be taken to maintain the equipment before failure.

Marine Services
We undertake vessel and hazardous area inspections and provide a wide range of specialist engineering skills to the marine and offshore industries.
We offer a wide range of services including satellite communications plus portable data & voice, entertainment and PA/GA systems.
Offshore Accommodation
TEC Svcs can provide a variety of bespoke and cost-effective solutions by adopting the use of Temporary Living Quarters (“TLQ”).
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