Incident Investigation

Root Cause Analysis

If you experience a failure, whether Mechanical, Electrical or Environmental our Investigation experts will uncover the underlying cause.

First, and as soon as possible we gather as much information about the failure as possible, This will include but not limited to:

  • Reviewing documentation and data regarding the incident
  • Interviewing people involved 
  • Carrying out in-depth investigations in the equipment and where necessary send equipment to the OEM investigation for further analysis if it is deemed equipment failure.

The Results

The retrieved data is used to formulate the root cause of the failure. Specific material analysis, mechanical and electrical tests, simulations and inspections may be used to verify and confirm the investigation results, depending on the situation.

As a result of the investigation, findings and recommendations are delivered in a high-quality report. If required, the report can include recommendations needed to mitigate the impact of the failure and control the risk of recurrence.

Comprehensive expertise:

Our Investigation service is built on experts who have many years of conducting in-depth studies into the root causes of failures. 

Our expertise covers the complete range of marine systems from Mechanical, Electrical (including Dynamic Positioning systems) through to Structural and naval architecture. Our investigators range from component specialists to system-level experts, in technical, financial and management control – all trained in root cause analysis techniques.

We are respected the world over as reliable and independent investigators, helping you meet stakeholder requirements for transparency, and if liability disputes are involved, all parties can trust us to provide impartial technical evidence and analysis.

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Marine Services
We undertake vessel and hazardous area inspections and provide a wide range of specialist engineering skills to the marine and offshore industries.
We offer a wide range of services including satellite communications plus portable data & voice, entertainment and PA/GA systems.
Offshore Accommodation
TEC Svcs can provide a variety of bespoke and cost-effective solutions by adopting the use of Temporary Living Quarters (“TLQ”).
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